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The fastest way to Exit festival

One of the most exciting musical festivals happens each July in the city of Novi Sad.  To be more precise, the festival takes place at probably one of the best venues in Serbia – The Petrovaradin Fortress.  Festival goers start their journey by crossing the Varadin bridge in the early evening and quickly the crowd becomes thicker and thicker. You can feel their excitement and anticipation as you watch them march straight through Beogradska St to the fortress’s main entrance. But did you know that there is another way to the fortress? Locals use these steps to get to the fortress each time  they visit  as well as loyal Exiters, who at one point in time discovered this entrance / exit.   These  steps are found in Strosmajerova St and are the fastest, quickest and easiest way up to the fortress.  The stone steps lead you all the way to the clock tower.  If they are  blocked off by a gate just use the cobble stone path next to St Jurij Catholic Church. It  takes a short turn round and brings you straight to the steps. So how do you get to Exit  the fastest, quickest and  easiest? Once you cross over […]

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The Best Hostel in Novi Sad

The Perfect Hostel Nowadays, in a world where there are plenty of options in each decision we make, details are becoming more important. When looking for a hostel, the price and conditions are often similar, so which one should we choose? Choose Varad Inn Boutique Hostel and Café a top ranked hostel with high quality accommodation and services along with a professional staff. Your unique experience is sure to be different from the rest. Comfort: After a night in Varad Inn Hostel you will feel like if you have stayed in a Hotel. The rooms are perfectly clean and equipped. Moreover, each room has a private bathroom and you won’t have to worry about the towels, as we will provide you one. Each comfortable bed has its own electrical outlet so your battery will always be charged. The WiFi is free with a strong signal so you can connect from anywhere in the hostel. Other services such as fully air conditioned rooms, plenty of hot water, a kitchenette and outdoor movie nights are also provided! Staff: Our staff will welcome you kindly and be happy to solve all your questions about the city. You can take a free map of […]

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