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House Rules Varad INN Boutique Hostel

HOUSE RULES – Varad INN Boutique Hostel Novi Sad Full Payment and city tax must be made upon arrival and by doing so guests have acknowledged that they are familiar with and have accepted the HOUSE RULES. Upon arrival guests must present reception with a valid ID document (passport, ID card…) Rooms and beds are only for the use registered guests. Check out is at 11:00 unless otherwise arranged with reception. Early and late check outs are 600 din for dorms and 1200 din for private rooms The hostel is not responsible for the safety of  luggage or possessions.  We recommend using the provided locker with key The room key is kept at reception whenever the room is unoccupied. Smoking is only permitted in the courtyard or in the street. It is banned in all other areas of the hostel Cleaning and inspection of dorm and shared rooms, excluding private rooms are done twice daily No storing food in the rooms due to safety and hygienic precautions Using heaters, cookers, irons, kettles etc. in rooms is not allowed. Flammable materials, materials with intense and unpleasant smells, weapons, narcotics, are all prohibited. Small pets are allowed in private rooms Removing hostel […]

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Sharing a dorm is definitely one of the best ways to get the most out of your travels.  Here, new friendships can be made but also cause some problems – from messy travellers to those blinding mobile hues piercing through your eyelids.  In attempt to guide you from these stressful moments, straight out of Novi Sad, here are Varad Inn Hostels  best 7 tips to getting the best out of your dorm experience. Say HELLO Saying HI is the simplest yet smartest thing that should be said because you never know, this tiny word might just come with many future benefits.  You could just meet the person you’ve  been searching for!  Plus, breaking the ice from the start, will make it much easier when you need to use the bathroom first!  2.Space is Sacred  Keep in mind that you are not a kid any more and your mother isn’t around to come and tidy up after you.  Spreading your precious belongings on other traveller’s beds, unpacking your bag by dumping it in the middle of the floor or hanging your wet towel from the top bunk is really annoying, so make sure to stay in your zone! By keeping your […]

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Best Hostel Location in Novi Sad and Petrovaradin

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5 Shocking Facts About Novi Sad

After living 3 weeks  in Novi Sad, I  realised there are many differences between Serbia and Spain. Here are the 5 facts that shocked me the most: 1. You can drink on the streets This is quite shocking. In Spain, young people are always hiding to drink alcohol. They go to the mountain, hide in some corner… and when they drink in the street, they are under constant stress aboutthe police popping up. The fines are not cheap so Spanish people have to get creative in order to have some drinks outside! But not in Novi Sad, you can drink wherever and whenever you want. the best place for a beer is at the top of Petrovaradin Fortress Cheers! 2. You can smoke inside the bars In Spain it is totally forbidden to smoke inside any bar, restaurant or wherever there is a ceiling! For those who smoke regularly, Novi Sad welcomes you with open arms and for all the non-smokers almost all cafes, bars, restaurants etc. have a wonderful patio. 3. There are popcorn vendors everywhere! Until I came here, popcorn was just something to eat when watching a movie. In Spain we only eat it then! But not […]

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Prices in Novi Sad: Restaurants

When we travel, we are usually concerned about how prices will be in our destination. Sometimes it is more expensive than expected, and sometimes we see how our purchasing power just grew up! To be safe and avoid surprises, there is a new tool in internet that tell us how are prices in the place where we want to spend some of our days. The name of the website is Numbeo. It is made by users from different countries, who share specific information about how much cost all the expenses in their cities. Moreover, we can compare it with our local place, so then we see how our budget can adjust to the new destination! Don’t be afraid, we have good news. Comparing to most of the European countries, Serbia, and specifically Novi Sad prices are considerably cheaper! In this first chapter we will compare Novi Sad restaurant prices with other famous European cities, so you can see how much it will cost when you feel a bit hungry after a good walk! Take a look into the next comparisons: Source Source Source Source Source There is no doubt, if you come from Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands… you […]

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The Best Hostel in Novi Sad

The Perfect Hostel Nowadays, in a world where there are plenty of options in each decision we make, details are becoming more important. When looking for a hostel, the price and conditions are often similar, so which one should we choose? Choose Varad Inn Boutique Hostel and Café a top ranked hostel with high quality accommodation and services along with a professional staff. Your unique experience is sure to be different from the rest. Comfort: After a night in Varad Inn Hostel you will feel like if you have stayed in a Hotel. The rooms are perfectly clean and equipped. Moreover, each room has a private bathroom and you won’t have to worry about the towels, as we will provide you one. Each comfortable bed has its own electrical outlet so your battery will always be charged. The WiFi is free with a strong signal so you can connect from anywhere in the hostel. Other services such as fully air conditioned rooms, plenty of hot water, a kitchenette and outdoor movie nights are also provided! Staff: Our staff will welcome you kindly and be happy to solve all your questions about the city. You can take a free map of […]

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