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Sharing a dorm is definitely one of the best ways to get the most out of your travels.  Here, new friendships can be made but also cause some problems – from messy travellers to those blinding mobile hues piercing through your eyelids.  In attempt to guide you from these stressful moments, straight out of Novi Sad, here are Varad Inn Hostels  best 7 tips to getting the best out of your dorm experience. Say HELLO Saying HI is the simplest yet smartest thing that should be said because you never know, this tiny word might just come with many future benefits.  You could just meet the person you’ve  been searching for!  Plus, breaking the ice from the start, will make it much easier when you need to use the bathroom first!  2.Space is Sacred  Keep in mind that you are not a kid any more and your mother isn’t around to come and tidy up after you.  Spreading your precious belongings on other traveller’s beds, unpacking your bag by dumping it in the middle of the floor or hanging your wet towel from the top bunk is really annoying, so make sure to stay in your zone! By keeping your […]

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