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5 činjenica o Novom Sadu za koje ćete se iznedaditi
5 činjenica o Novom Sadu za koje ćete se iznedaditi

After living 3 weeks  in Novi Sad, I  realised there are many differences between Serbia and Spain. Here are the 5 facts that shocked me the most:

1. You can drink on the streets
This is quite shocking. In Spain, young people are always hiding to drink alcohol. They go to the mountain, hide in some corner… and when they drink in the street, they are under constant stress aboutthe police popping up. The fines are not cheap so Spanish people have to get creative in order to have some drinks outside! But not in Novi Sad, you can drink wherever and whenever you want. the best place for a beer is at the top of Petrovaradin Fortress Cheers!

2. You can smoke inside the bars
In Spain it is totally forbidden to smoke inside any bar, restaurant or wherever there is a ceiling! For those who smoke regularly, Novi Sad welcomes you with open arms and for all the non-smokers almost all cafes, bars, restaurants etc. have a wonderful patio.

3. There are popcorn vendors everywhere!

Until I came here, popcorn was just something to eat when watching a movie. In Spain we only eat it then! But not in Novi Sad, just go for a walk and you will quickly find a small popcorn kiosk. I admit, once you smell it you can not just walk by without buying a bag. I started eating popcorn without a movie and it is great!

4. Many Serbian young ladies speak a bit of Spanish
It was a surprise to discover how many ladies in Novi Sad speak at least a bit of Spanish. It seems the ‘Telenovelas’ (romantic series mostly from Latinamerica) are quite famous here, so people have been listening to Spanish for quite a while, and many of them can understand it. Speaking however is a lot of fun after a few drinks you’d be surprised how popular Spanish is in Novi Sad.

5. Clubs close between 2:00 and 3:00am
At 2:00 in the morning, the clubs in the city center are getting ready to close. If it sounds too early for someone from Spain, just ask a local to point you in the direction of the all night party. You can find clubs, like ClubTunnel at the Petrovaradin Fortress, Discos on the Danube, open parties on the beach or fortress…. truth is that everything can be found when you just ask! So, are you ready to be pleasantly shocked?

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