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Sharing a dorm is definitely one of the best ways to get the most out of your travels.  Here, new friendships can be made but also cause some problems – from messy travellers to those blinding mobile hues piercing through your eyelids.  In attempt to guide you from these stressful moments, straight out of Novi Sad, here are Varad Inn Hostels  best 7 tips to getting the best out of your dorm experience.

  1. Say HELLO

Saying HI is the simplest yet smartest thing that should be said because you never know, this tiny word might just come with many future benefits.  You could just meet the person you’ve  been searching for!  Plus, breaking the ice from the start, will make it much easier when you need to use the bathroom first! 

2.Space is Sacred 

Keep in mind that you are not a kid any more and your mother isn’t around to come and tidy up after you.  Spreading your precious belongings on other traveller’s beds, unpacking your bag by dumping it in the middle of the floor or hanging your wet towel from the top bunk is really annoying, so make sure to stay in your zone! By keeping your belongings off the floor,  you’re less likely to cause an accident or have something of yours crushed in the middle of the night.


3.Respect the Bathroom Queue

Most of us have been taught to wait our turn and in the world we’re living in today, it might not always be an option.  In a shared dorm however, this tip is key.  Cutting in front of your dorm buddy when you’ve clearly seen that they really gotta go just isn’t cool.  So, if waterfalls just keep jumping into your mind and you just can’t wait – make use of the extra facilities though out the hostel.  Also, it’s very important to know all the unofficial rules of using the bathroom. In case you forgot, click on bathroom etiquette rules.

4.Burning Passion







It can happen to anyone, people hook up all the time on their travels, who knows it might just be high up on their bucket list.  Here’s a tip though.  If you’re sharing a large dormitory, don’t make your newly found love official in a bunk bed, in front of on lookers.  The fact is, at least one of your roommates will object to the choice of the  in-room programme – so if you’re passion is burning hot, find somewhere off of the podium.

5. Keep the Smells to Yourself

Sometimes trying all those delicious new foods just can’t be resisted.  Make sure not to eat strong smelling foods in your room or better yet don’t eat at all.  Just because you might think it smells delish doesn’t mean your new buddies in the room will too.  Take your grub to the kitchen or common room because no body wants their room smelling like a potluck dinner.

6.Pick Your Preference

Varad INN Hostel offers all sorts of beds to suit all sorts of people. From single bed dorms and private en-suites, to budget 10-bed mixed dorms,  there really is something for everyone. If you do have a preference, make sure to take the time to check out the facilities listed online – before you book your bed.

7.The Social Media Addiction

Free WiFi  thoughout Varad Inn Hostel means that it’s easier than ever to get your daily fix of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest, but if you’re constantly checking to see who liked what and who checked in where in a dorm after lights out, it’s going to drive anyone who’s dying for some sleep crazy. Be courteous, ask if the brightness of your screen is bothering anyone or just find a place where the other addicts are swiping away relentlessly.

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