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Eating on a Budget in Novi Sad
Eating on a Budget in Novi Sad

So you’ve come to Novi Sad with a bit of money. Your budget is tight and you’re trying to see as much of the world as possible, with the money you’ve got…Understandable. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise what you eat because of how much you can spend.  Check out our previous post about restaurant prices . You can eat like a king/queen and still stay on budget. Novi Sad’s culinary scene is definately on point. Portions are large, prices are right and the quality is great.

Soups or stews will fill you up. Make sure to try Pasulj (bean soup) or Veal Stew at Astal Saren both under 300 dinars.







or burek at Burek Plus in rumenacka St where only those who know what true burek is go. Proof is in the photo below.  It must be good if there are so many people are waiting in line.






If you like fish from Varad Inn Hostel  walk down the street, Strosmajerova straight to Aqua Doria  and order their fish paprikas.  It perfectly spiced, hot and filling.








You can also skip lunch because of the free breakfast we offer  and splurg at Piknik  on Fisherman’s Island and try anything on their menu.  My favorite is their ribs or fried carp.  Make sure you order desert even if you haven’t got the room in your belly, you’ll be sorry you didn’t once you leave.








Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Just ask anyone whose stayed longer than a week, “How much weight have you gained?


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