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Why book directly through our website?   There is a growing campaign to persuade independent travelers to book directly with their chosen accommodation provider and it’s all for a good reason! Here at Varad INN Boutique Hostel in Novi Sad, Serbia we encourage you to follow in the footsteps of  our previous budget smart guests and book the best hostel accommodation in Novi Sad  with us directly.  In doing so you will be saving money and at the same time, will be helping us avoid having to pay 15% to 18% of the whole booking to the Booking agents!  When you book Varad INN Boutique Hostel directly you enable us to keep OUR earnings and spend them in more productive and efficient ways, ones that ultimately benefit our guests. Saving money and booking directly from our website (using the “BOOK NOW” icon) is simple and couldn’t be any easier.  Here, you can see what private or dormitory style rooms we have available on the dates  you are planning to stay in Novi Sad  and also the special prices currently being offered! Booking directly is secure, all personal and card details are taken confidentially and the best part of booking directly […]

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Novi Sad, Serbia Lonelyplanet’s best accommodation

Fun, loving, exciting and just about everything you have never thought Novi Sad could be like is true.   With a city full of interesting, creative and night loving individuals always on the look out for a good time, this hidden gem should definitely be on your list of best places to visit in Europe.  It isn’t surprising that Lonely Planet, a world famous travel guide that puts travellers at the heart of everything they do, informing and inspiring them with trusted content from experts who visit every destination recommended travelling to Novi Sad. They wrote:  Novi Sad is as a chipper town with all the spoils and none of the stress of the big smoke. Locals sprawl in pretty parks and outdoor cafes, and laneway bars pack out nightly. The looming Petrovaradin Citadel keeps a stern eye on proceedings, loosening its tie each July to host Serbia’s largest music festival. You can walk to all of Novi Sad’s attractions from the happening pedestrian thoroughfare, Zmaj Jovina, which stretches from the town square (Trg Slobode) to Dunavska street. Novi Sad has better prices on accommodation (hostels), food, alcohol and taxi than Belgrade or most popular European city destinations.  Varad Inn Hostel is […]

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Varad INN Hostel’s Best 2018 Wishes from Novi Sad

Dear past guests and partners, This year was definitely a great one.  Without you all we would be able to achieve such a wonderful year.  We invite you to join us again, in making lasting memories for all those who visit Novi Sad and Petrovaradin.  Our goals in 2018 are to keep on providing excellent customer service, value for money and maintain our unique atmosphere. Look out for our monthly specials and events.   2018 is going to be full of surprises.  

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New Year Programme Novi Sad 2018

Are you in Novi Sad during the holiday season and aren’t sure what to do or where to go yet? Well your’re in luck! Varad INN hostel has put together the ultimate New Year’s 2018 Guide and we didn’t just create it for the guests staying at the best hostel in the city. Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture 2021 will be decorated with thousand of lights and the main stage in Freedom Square will have a totally different look than previous years. Free New Year’s Eve concerts will be held in three locations with over 50 performers. Here is Varad Inn’s suggestions  of what to do around the New Year. REPUBLIC SQUARE Next to the open market(Riblja Pijaca) in Novi Sad’s city center you will find a new square – the Republic Square. This square will be host to various concerts, bands ranging from Serbia’s authentic tamburica to classical Jazz.  Also, during the day you can watch street performers, including acrobats and jugglers and even sample or better yet buy products from local breweries and Fuska Gora.  Make sure to try the foods the authentic restaurants display, we are sure you will find something to your liking. 30.12.2017 […]

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Sharing a dorm is definitely one of the best ways to get the most out of your travels.  Here, new friendships can be made but also cause some problems – from messy travellers to those blinding mobile hues piercing through your eyelids.  In attempt to guide you from these stressful moments, straight out of Novi Sad, here are Varad Inn Hostels  best 7 tips to getting the best out of your dorm experience. Say HELLO Saying HI is the simplest yet smartest thing that should be said because you never know, this tiny word might just come with many future benefits.  You could just meet the person you’ve  been searching for!  Plus, breaking the ice from the start, will make it much easier when you need to use the bathroom first!  2.Space is Sacred  Keep in mind that you are not a kid any more and your mother isn’t around to come and tidy up after you.  Spreading your precious belongings on other traveller’s beds, unpacking your bag by dumping it in the middle of the floor or hanging your wet towel from the top bunk is really annoying, so make sure to stay in your zone! By keeping your […]

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OCTOBERFEST Novi Sad Accommodation

  Novi Sad Fair and  Color Press Group are organizing  for the 2nd year In Novi Sad  OCTOBERFEST.  Here you will enjoy in different types of beer, pretzels, sausages, live music and an unforgettable atmosphere. The Festival runs from  20. i 21.10.2017. at the  Master Center in the Novi Sad fair grounds.  For detailed info click on   milin blog where you can read about the line up and admission fee. If you had the chance of attending last year’s festival you know how great it was.   Over 15 000 people in attendance,   “OKTOBERFEST” tickets sold out well in advance so make sure to get your tickets on time at Gigstix. Locals and guests will have the opportunity to listen to music of over a dozen bands while drinking beer from around teh world.  Expect to see performances from  bands like  Hladnog piva, SARSA i  Orthodox Celtsa.   When it comes to accommodation during the festival make sure to read about why  Varad INN is your best choice. This year’s Festival goers get a 30% discount when they directly  book  one of our high quality and comfort dorms or  private rooms.   October 20th is just around the corner.  Have you booked your accommodation, bought your tickets yet? […]

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Novi Sad Conference Accommodation

  Whether you are looking to book accommodation for a conference, seminar or workshop or you have just been blessed to organize such an event, Varad Inn Hostel is the perfect accommodation, guaranteed to help make and leave the right impression.  A quiet hostel situated at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress, minutes from the city center, universities and conference venues.  Watch the drone video and see our exact location.  Varad Inn can comfortably accommodate up to 42 guests and offers a variety of rooms.  There are double and twin private rooms, shared dormitories for those looking to meet happy travelers and  two on site apartments with full reception services.  Check out the link for further info  Novi Sad’s perfect hostel.   Guest staying at Varad Inn have full access to the private garden, cafe, and strong WiFi. Printing, scanning and faxing services are free of charge and  24 hr reception is available for all guest’s needs.  There is no better place to experience Novi Sad than Varad Inn, with prime location, staff and services always on point each stay is sure to be memorable. The facility has been fully renovated and guests can expect a clean, safe,  comfortable and spacious environment.  If […]

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Warm Up Street Party – unofficial Exit Fesitval 2017

Europe’s best music festival, Exit Festival 2017 is only days away. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been faithfully coming since 2000 you’ll need to warm up before you hit the festival. The warm up street party is in Strosmajerova street which is located right atthe foot of the fortress. To get to the pre Exit warm up party just turn right after the bridge and follow the road, winding down to the left. There’s no better place to warm up every night before the festival than Varad Inn Hostel‘s open bar, right next to the steps to the fortress and Dublin Irish Pub, on the other side of the street. Beer and rakija is priced at around 150 dinars. Definately the best pre exit warm up street party because of location and the hidden, unadvertised entrance gate to the exit festival. The entrance gate is mainly used by locals and past festival partiers who luckily discovered it on the way down. This entrance gate is the fastest and easiest way to the top of the Petrovaradin Fortress and the heart of the exit festival. So make sure to warm up right and take the easy way  to Exit by […]

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It is almost that time of year again, a time that many have been waiting for since Exit Festival 2016 finished.  This year the festival begins on 05.07.2017 and ends 09.07.2017.  and the line up can be see by clicking on the link, expect to see artist like Alan Walker, The Killers and Jason Derulo.     Get your tickets and book accommodation at the festival’s top hostel.  Varad Inn Hostel is the only hostel that is part of the Petrovaradin Fortress.  Getting to Exit couldn’t be easier, with the closest and quickest entry gate into the festival on Strosmajer St, just around the corner from Varad Inn Hostel and only meters once you cross the Varadin Bridge.  Just climb the famous steps, to be lead straight to the festival. Check out the drone video and just see how close Varad Inn is to Exit. When staying at Varad Inn you can expect great atmosphere, comfort, cleanliness and a fabulous group of people waiting for you.  With our outdoor cinema, private garden, cafe your sure to find the perfect place to chill just before or after partying.  There are still some private rooms and beds in the dormitory left, but don’t […]

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American pancakes in Novi Sad

Pancakes good ol’ american style pancakes  are definately at the top of many peoples ”What’s your favorite beakfast food?” list.Pancakes different from Serbian palačinke are quite difficult to find in Novi Sad, actually I don’t think I’ve seen pancakes servered anywhere in Novi Sad.   These warm, soft and fluffy round cake like treats are something many travels crave for but because they aren’t commonly eaten in Serbia you won’t be seeing all you can eat pancake houses scattered throughout Serbia.     Luckily guests that stay at the best location hostel in Novi Sad, Varad Inn Hostel, just click on the link in case you’ve got any doubts can order a stack of pancakes topped with butter and syrup, any day of the week.     Just take a look at some of the happy guests enjoying their breakfast and ask yourself….So, am I in the mood for some pancakes?         Discover Varad INN

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